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Our story

Innealta Capital offers a diverse range of portfolio options that includes pure fixed income, equity rotation, and whole-portfolio multi-asset class portfolios. Though each portfolio and the strategies that define them are unique in design, all are rooted in the firm’s broader goal of achieving optimal risk-relative returns over longer-term investment horizons.

Innealta’s distinct competitive advantage is the effectiveness of its proprietary quantitative framework and its ability to execute investment strategies that optimize the risk-reward trade-offs within and among a range of broad asset classes.

Innealta Capital is a division of AFAM Capital, a 40-year-old boutique investment management firm with locations in Austin, Texas and Orange County, California. AFAM Capital serves individual investors, institutions, and advisors across the country through private /separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and an investment newsletter.

AFAM Capital has strategies that fall into 3 major categories: Al Frank, Innealta and the Dynamic Portfolio Series. The Innealta division is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) tactical/strategic asset manager that invests both domestically and globally. The Al Frank division is value-oriented equity management specializing in identifying undervalued US stocks. The Dynamic Portfolio Series is a combination of the Al Frank and Innealta Strategies.